GUI for this ISE6000.
CustomBrains GUI's typically show the tool on a single page. To keep the GUI readable, secondary information like e.g. watercooling is not displayed. Water flow is controlled automatically and working fine when not reported. If desired, the water flow sensor operation can still be verified on some of the other views. In Admin mode, this dynamic GUI is interactive.
Recipe file Manager
Recipe file Manager. Task with many parameters example. On the left the overview of the whole recipe in shorthand, on the right the details of the highlighted step.
Configuration file editor
Configuration file editor:
Calibration files editor
Calibration files editor. Every analog channel (in/out) can be linked to a calibration file. You can use a calibration formula, enter a lookup table, or use a combination of both.
Datalogging editor screen
Datalogging editor screen: datalogging of all channels (analog, digital, in, out) is possible at any time interval. Data can be saved to acsii files, database or both.