Plasmatherm Dual Chamber RIE automated
This plasmatherm 520/520 dual chamber RIE was upgraded to run user recipes fully automated.
Power Supply, matching network, pressure and valve control were reused and connected to the automation. MFC control and manual operation switches were removed and are now controlled and operated via the computer GUI.
All the automation hardware is located in the closed black unit inside the tool (bottom-right in the picture), new pneumatic valves behind the brown panel below it.
Main Screen Layout
GUI of this system. The most used commands are also available in the quick-commands area on the right.
NI Compact DAQ Chassis
National Instruments cDAQ hardware is chosen for robustness, reliability and long-term availability.
Cleaned up Gasbox
Cleaned up Gasbox. New solenoids (not visible, now located inside the tool), new color coded pneumatic lines, new MFC cables.
GUI of the system
GUI of the system.