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Vacuum System Control Unit


The VSCU is an upgrade or retrofit kit for manual high-vacuum thin film deposition systems, like thermal evaporators and sputter systems.
These systems are typically Bell-Jar systems, consisting of a high-vacuum pump (turbo, cryo or diffusion pump) and one roughing pump serving for both rouging the system as backing the high-vacuum pump.

The kit replaces all the electronics and gauges needed to operate the vacuum system itself.


Intuitive switches-only operation

  • PLC protected automated operation
  • From atmosphere to Hi-Vacuum or Stand-by with 1 switch
  • 2 switches automated operation (Vent/Pump and HiVac/Stand-By)
  • 6 switches manual operation (all pumps and solenoids individually controlled)
  • Automatic regen-cycle for cryo pump systems
  • No operator-PLC interaction needed


What's in the box?

  • Compact, fully assembled 19" 3U unit (19"x5.217"x12")
  • 3 channel controller with 2 convection gauges and 1 optional ionization gauge
    (For manuals, specs and gauges and options for this controller:
    http://www.lesker.com/newweb/gauges/widerange_kjlcmgc3000series.cfm )
  • Preprogrammed mini-PLC (PLR) controlling automated and manual operation
  • Vacuum gauges and cables as selected
  • External enclosed pump start boxes as selected
  • Molex Connectors and crimp tool to connect the VSCU to the vacuum system
  • Easy to install: one dedicated Molex connector per solenoid and per start box
  • User manual


What is needed?

To get the most out of the upgrade, it is desired that most of the valves can be operated with an electric signal (solenoid or pneumatic operation). However, it is not a requirement, the upgrade will still work when the system has a manual HiVac or Vent valve, but with less functionality.
Both pumps are controlled with an open/closed contact, a control voltage, or an external motor-startbox. They can also be manually operated and left running continuously.
Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific configuration.



The price includes any additional PLC programming and most box modifications needed to make the controller work with your specific machine.



The controller is build to specifically match your vacuum system. Typical delivery is 2-4 weeks ARO.



  • power: 100-120VAC or 200-240VAC 60HZ
  • solenoid power: 24VDC 4A for 6 controls (default configuration)
  • warranty: 6 months
  • Gauge controller: 5 years factory warranty
  • Environmental: 0-40DegC, <90% relative humidity, non-condensing, vibration max 1G, max altitude 2500m
  • Other requirements apply, please inquire for specifics

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